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About Being a Test Advisor

ReviewNet Authoring and Interviewing Roles

Intellectually challenging small projects
Part-time, remotely performed
Opportunity and relationship generating

ReviewNet Authors write technical interview guides and questions for ReviewNet.  ReviewNet test questions are scenario-based, interview questions. Each question has multiple answer choices with rationales for each. Interview guides can include a series of screening questions or a reference framework for interviewing technical candidates.  Authors are sent an authoring agreement once selected for a specific assignment.  Time and compensation: varies with project.

ReviewNet Technical Question Reviewers validate and suggest modifications for our technical questions. ReviewNet Reviewers may also get involved with the design of our question sets (Q-Sets) and help in steering our test development.  Reviewers are selected for their specific expertise.  Question reviewers are paid for each set of questions reviewed.  Time and compensation: varies with project.

A Sample Question.

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ReviewNet Interviewers conduct technical interviews over the phone with potential job candidates for positions at ReviewNet customers. Interviews include a conversation with the hiring manager to detail the key points of the position. Interviewers design the interview based on the success factors of the job discussed with the hiring manager. After the interview is conducted, interviewers summarize the interview in a format to be presented to the hiring manager. Time and compensation: varies with project.


If these roles sound like a match, apply now!
If you feel that you have the expertise and the qualities to become a successful ReviewNet Author or Interviewer, please complete an ReviewNet Technical Associate application.


Hear what some of our Test Advisors have to say.
"One of the reasons that I like validating questions is knowing that those who answer them will not get a 'bum' question. Test taking is already anxiety provoking enough. I like contributing to the accuracy and fairness of the questions. Also, I believe in objective measures, so I like participating in the process of objective measurement of IT knowledge. On a personal level, validating causes me to review and assess my own knowledge, so I sharpen the edge just a bit."

- Fran Welte, Ohio

"After having taken over 20 different industry certification tests, and having served as a subject matter expert for CompTIA's Server + exam, I can definitely state that the review process used by ReviewNet is at least as good as any I have seen. Several experts in the required field work independently to review each and every question to ensure that it is appropriate, valid, and well written."

- Chuck Easttom, Oklahoma

"More than anything else, I am pleased and fascinated with the process you have developed for bringing these tests together. It offers the widest input to the revision process and the best chance to creating a test which will be of the greatest value to your clients."

- William F. (Frank) Stanton, Nevada


If you feel that you have the expertise, communication skills and demeanor to be a ReviewNet Technical Associate, we invite you to apply.


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