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Why do pre-employment skills screening?
Smart employers look to learn everything they can about a potential employee or consultant.  Skills testing is a key step in your pre-employment screening process. ReviewNet skills assessments arm employers with insight about a candidate's skills, abilities, motivations and aptitudes before they make the hiring decision.    Our customers use ReviewNet pre-employment skills testing to:

Identify areas for discussion in an interview
Understand motivations, aptitude and job fit
Increase recruiting effectiveness
Save time and avoid hiring mistakes

Why work with ReviewNet Services?

Focus. Focus. Focus.

We are Focused on Employers: We only work for employers - our dedication to helping employers make better hiring decisions runs through all aspects of our service
We are Focused on Pre-Employment Technical Screening: ReviewNet's test and system were designed specifically to help recruiters and technical interviewers make better and faster IT hiring decisions.
We are Focused on Value: Our license plans are specially designed to maximize the value received by our customers. We invite you to compare the value offered by ReviewNet with other providers.
Read about the key dimensions of ReviewNet that make us your best choice for pre-employment technical screening.

ReviewNet has a full set of pre-employment assessment services

IT skills assessments: ReviewNet's specialty is online comprehesive skills assessments for technical positions. Covering programmers, DBA's, network and system administrators, and delivered in a variety of formats.
Learn more about our IT assessment solutions
Aptitude and Behavioral Assessments ReviewNet Services can provide measures of aptitude and job behaviors to go along with our IT skills evaluations.  ReviewNet partners with leading providers of behavioral assessments to help you matching candidates to your openings based on attitudes, behavioral characteristics, aptitude and other personality traits. ReviewNet has also developed a programming-specific aptitude test that is well suited for technical trainees.
Learn more about our aptitude and behavioral assessments
Clericial and Office skills assessments: Have office and administrative staff? ReviewNet has a solution here too. ReviewNet has partnered with First Advantage to provide hundreds of skills tests for office software , professional administrative skills, language skills, and many administrative roles.
Learn more about our office and clerical skill assessments
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