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It's been said that the best indicator of an experienced candidate's skill is often their own self-rating, particularly if it can be validated. The ReviewNet Job Fit Reporting allows companies to quickly match the best candidates that fit their unique requirements. The Job Fit metrics show (1) the importance of the skills required for your job opening, (2) the candidate's self ratings of those specific skills, and then (3) a comparison of the candidate's self rating with their performance on the technical questions in those specific skills.

The customer defines the importance of the skill requirements for the job and identifies the desired skill level for each skill. The candidate then rates him or herself against these requirements. A Job Fit score is produced to show how closely the candidate rated him or herself to be a match to the position (Self rating) and how closely his test scores show him to be a match (Actual performance).

A Job Fit score of 100% indicates a match between the job requirements entered by the user and the skills of the candidate. A Job Fit score significantly over 100% indicates that a candidate with skills of a higher level than required for the position has been identified. The Gap score shows the difference between a candidate's self rating and actual performance or in other words, how much you should trust the self rating.

There are two relevant Job Fit scores. The first, the Self-Rating, is based on the comparison of the skill ratings reported by the candidate and the requirements of the position. The Self-Rated Job Fit score shows the match between the job and candidate, as the candidate perceives it. For project team staffing and internal positions, where the self-rating information usually has high validity, the Self Rated Job Fit Score is effective by itself.

ReviewNet also provides a Job Fit Score based on Actual Performance on the assessment. The Actual Performance Job Fit Score can be used in several ways - First as a measure of Job Fit by itself, where it is accurate if there is a sufficient test battery for each skill being evaluated, Secondly, as an indicator of the reliability of the Self-Rated Job Fit score. The statistically based comparison between the Job Fit Score based on Self Reporting and the Job Fit Score based on Actual Performance is called the Gap. The Gap provides an indicator of the reliability of the Self-Rated Job Fit Score, and whether the Self Rated Score seems too low, too high, or on target.

A unique advantage of using Job Fit Scores based on a candidate's self rating and, corroborated by the Gap measure, is that all ranking is based on information provided by the candidate, providing a easily explained and supported ranking approach for candidates.

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