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Interviewing Tools

Using ReviewNet for "Live" Screening and Interviewing Support
ReviewNet is uniquely designed to improve the effectiveness of phone screens and "tech-out" interviews. When in Interviewer mode, you can administer a ReviewNet session "live" with the candidate, where you control exactly which question is displayed to the candidate. You can also go over the results of a test that has already been completed.

Overview of "Live" ReviewNet Sessions

A normal ReviewNet session is set up for a candidate.
The "live" session can either be done where the candidate is seeing the questions for the first time, or or the candidate may have already taken the session, and this is a followup to check questions and probe responses.
The interviewer contacts the candidate by phone and grants them access the ReviewNet session.
The interviewer and the candidate have simultaneous access to test questions, but the interviewer has control of what the candidate can do and see.
The candidate sees questions only, while the Interviewer sees answers and explanations, as well as the questions.
The Interviewer directs which questions the candidate sees, and whether they can see their prior answers.
The interviewer can add comments and evaluation notes to provide a complete interview record.

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