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Get better hiring results through better interviewing

ReviewNet has created a series of interview guides including key interview questions and evaluation tips to help improve your interviewing success. You can benefit from field tested questions that have brought others great hiring results.

The interview guides are provided at no cost, but are available only to management and recruitment staff at employer firms.

Click on the subject below to request the following interview guides:

Interview GuideDescriptionAuthor
General IT InterviewingGeneral technical skills in various IT roles independent of any specific technologiesVarious
Java DeveloperAssesses the skills of mid-level Java Developers Various
PL/SQL Developer*Assesses the skills of mid-level PL/SQL DevelopersDDBC
SAP-SD Assess the skills of SAP -Sales and Distribution specialistsVarious
.NET Web Services Developer * (coming soon)Assesses the skills of mid-level .Net Developers- with emphasis on Web ServicesNetLive Software
C# DeveloperAssesses the skills of mid-level C# DevelopersVarious


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