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ReviewNet FlexSpec Assessments can be easily created for multi-skill jobs

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ReviewNet Standard IT skills assessments are designed to reflect a typical mix of software skills needed by an IT professional employing a given technology. However, some jobs may have a different emphasis or combination of required software skills. ReviewNet allows the administrator to easily change the emphasis of different skills to create their own multi-skill test that reflects the exact needs of the job and evaluate multiple IT skills. This custom test, called a ReviewNet FlexSpec, requires no programming and is easily performed by the customer. ReviewNet maintains a Master Inventory of skills that allows users to construct multi-skill IT tests from scratch with a minimum amount of effort to evaluate multiple IT skills. The customized FlexSpec assessment can be saved and reused to assess multiple candidates for the position, providing the hiring manager with a precise assessment tailored to the exact needs of the job. The results of a FlexSpec are similar to a ReviewNet Standard assessment. The statistics for the overall score are compared to the individuals who were tested using the same FlexSpec skills test.

ReviewNet Custom Assessments
Custom assessments use all the features of ReviewNet IT  skills tests, but include content developed or assembled specifically for a customer. The customization could be all ReviewNet questions assembled into a new IT skills test to the customer's specifications. Customers can also do test making and create their own questions and answers using the ReviewNet authoring engine. Typical uses of ReviewNet custom skills assessments include pre-screening and qualification, project team selection, performance appraisal, determining project team strengths and weaknesses, and identifying individual training needs and professional development. Custom IT assessments can be developed directly by the user or under contract with ReviewNet specialists.

Custom Test Development Services
ReviewNet provides a custom test development service for those customers who desire custom IT skills tests, but who would like to avoid an internal development effort. ReviewNet test development experts have worked with many customers to create specific custom assessments that are kept private for the customer's exclusive use. These custom tests use existing ReviewNet questions in a test design that is unique to the customer, but can also include questions developed by the customer.

Customer-provided questions
Users can create private questions and assessments and include them in the same session as a ReviewNet-provided assessment, or use them as a stand-alone assessment. Customers can include "brainteaser" questions in the same session as the regular ReviewNet assessment to get evaluations tailored for individual departments and managers.

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ReviewNet's complete on-line authoring system enables customers to create private questions and tests completely over the Internet. Users can create a custom pre-employment screening solution that includes key questions from individual clients.

On-line customer library of private assessments and questions
All customer-created questions and assessments are stored in an on-line web library under the control of the customer. Access to your custom questions can be limited to the individual author, or shared with other users in your company.  Have your own online skills testing portal for custom pre-employment screening and skills testing. 

Your questions, surveys and assessments are not viewable by other ReviewNet customers.

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