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IT Skills Assessments: Assessment Highlights - Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive Test Results

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ReviewNet assessment results provide insight into a candidate's technical skills with precision and depth. Email results can include both overall and detailed skills evaluation at the level required by the user.

The primary measures of performance are:
  • Percentile performance compared to other candidates
  • Overall RN Rating(a weighted score by test difficulty) and
  • Strengths and Weaknesses by Topic

Here is a typical ReviewNet assessment report email result.

In addition, a wealth of other information is available to the user, including detailed topic results, question results, on-line survey input, and evaluation comments provided by the recruiter. The extent of the detail and depth of the session and the resulting report is entirely up to the user.

Percentile scores relevant to the IT professional population
Percentile scores show how one test taker compares with others who have taken the test. If a candidate performs at the 50th percentile, that means that half of the candidates scored higher than the test taker and half scored lower. ReviewNet IT skill assessments are only made available to employers who use them to evaluate candidates for hire or promotion for technical positions. Candidates and the general public are not able to purchase ReviewNet skill assessments. Thus the pool of test results is made up only of candidates who are already considered to be qualified technical professionals, giving companies a clear and true comparison of candidates as they relate to the market for IT professionals.

Overall RN Rating
The overall RN Rating is based on the candidate's performance and the difficulty level of the questions. A Candidate's skills are rated on a scale of none, limited, basic, proficient, advanced and guru.

Strength and Weaknesses by Topic
Each ReviewNet skills assessment results report has a section detailing the candidate's skill level for each topic in the assessment. The most likely RN Rating for each topic with a high/low range of error. The Strengths and Weaknesses section is useful for deciding focus areas in an interview following the test.

Immediate Results
Results are sent to the designated user immediately after test completion. Results are available on-line of completed test sessions and tests-in-progress.

Additional information available in ReviewNet Online Assessment Results

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ReviewNet lets you include (or exclude) the following information in your assessment reports:

Questions - includes the list of questions, and the candidate performance on each question

Comments - includes comments entered by candidate in optional self-rating page, and comments entered by recruiter in evaluation page

Candidate Info - displays information entered by candidate in optional pre-survey and post-survey pages. The survey pages can include contact information, or questions created by the customer or internal hiring manager

Job Fit - displays the optional job fit measurement to show how closely the candidate scored compared to your position requirements and ratings. Learn more!

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On-demand Email Reporting
ReviewNet evaluation email reports can be customized by the user to include only the information desired to send to the specific recipient. The email report can be sent with personalized comments, and can optionally include details on topics, questions, strengths and weaknesses, job-fit, and custom questions.

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