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Behavioral & Aptitude
Our assessments in this catergory include.
ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test (PAT)
The FirstView Assessment
The Prevue Assessment
ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test (PAT)
The ReviewNet Programmer Aptitude Test (PAT) is used to measure a candidate's potential to learn and apply programming concepts with or without prior programming experience. The ReviewNet PAT was developed for one of the world's largest consulting firms to screen candidates for their entry-level programmer positions.

The PAT has been validated, and proven to predict learning ability better than interviewing. The ReviewNet PAT is typically used for screening internal and external candidates for entry level programming positions.


Scores reflecting logic, pseudo code, math, problem solving and overall performance
Percentile scores versus industry peers

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The FirstView Assessment
The FirstView Assessment is a cognitive, "Big 5" personality screening test designed to screen applicants for job suitability in just 15 minutes.

FirstView is easily administered and allows you to select from 15 primary job-type reports to quickly get a basic picture of an applicants likely suitability for a position. The report narrative describes potential behavior in a job relevant context. Behavioral interviewing questions are provided for probing areas of concern.

FirstView uses the most advanced psychometric methodology, with sophisticated item construction within a proven construct of measurement. FirstView matches the accuracy of the finest 5th Generation instruments, yet requires only 15 minutes to complete. This is critical if you are using an assessment to screen large candidate groups positions that can include: Sales, Management, Healthcare, Telemarketing, Customer Service, Information Technology, Administrative and more.

FirstView measures:

Rules-consistency, ability to deal with change, need for structure, ability to follow rules and policies
Extroversion-need to work with others, communication of enthusiasm, ability to talk or listen.
Assertiveness-decision making, selling and closing abilities, ability to handle confrontation, willingness to take direction from others.
Teaming-teamwork, collaboration with others, competitiveness.
Sensitivity-emotional stability, handling of criticism and feedback, dealing with stress.
Organization-planning, spontaneity, time management attitudes, ability to handle details.
Social Desirability-an internal validity scale to determine if the candidate is being frank with their answers
Cognitive Ability-an overall aggregate measure of cognitive skills

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The Prevue Assessment
Prevue is a highly valid and reliable assessment and benchmarking system for selecting new employees, coaching current employees, and planning for retention and succession.

The Prevue Assessment is designed to help you make better hiring decisions by using information on personality, interests, abilities, and working characteristics. The Prevue Assessment identifies key traits where a job candidate may not align with the job-then provides behavioral interviewing questions to probe deeper into the candidate's experience-to determine job fit suitability. Prevue provides an objective comparison of the candidate with a psychometrically sound standard of high performance.

The Prevue Assessment system is a powerful and precise method for measuring and matching work-related characteristics of people to the requirements of a position Job Match. It is a highly accurate, valid, and reliable psychometric tool used for a wide variety of human resource applications, including predicting the suitability of candidates for specific jobs, aiding the team-building process, and detailing specific information on employees' training and coaching needs. As a result, most human resource decisions made with the assistance of the Prevue system provide dramatic and immediate returns to the client organization.

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