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IT Talent Agent (part time, flexible hours)
Are you happiest when you are helping advance people’s careers?

As an IT Talent Agent, you’ll support the independent IT consultants that make up the ReviewNet Advisory Team.

ReviewNet helps employers and candidates make better mutual hiring decisions by providing IT assessments and web-based tools that make interviewing easier and faster. We already have a library of over 200 IT assessments, and are looking to produce the world’s broadest technical assessment library by crowd-sourcing new titles and content. And we are doing it mostly using the brilliant minds here is Utah.

You’ll help our ReviewNet Advisors expand their professional networks, match them with gigs that interest them, connect them with potential future employers, and help them get noticed for their expertise. You’re an agent, not a recruiter, working for the best interests of the Advisors you represent.

Pay and Benefits Qualifications
To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

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