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IT Consultants to Conduct Interviews and Write IT Assessments
Are you an experienced IT professional looking for ways to increase your professional network, earn extra income, connect with future potential employers, and get professional recognition, all for as little as couple hours of your time?

ReviewNet helps employers and candidates make better hiring decisions through knowledge and connection. We provide online IT assessments and interviewing tools that make interviewing easier and faster. We already have a library of over 200 IT assessments, and are looking to produce the world’s broadest technical assessment library by crowd-sourcing new titles and content. As a ReviewNet IT consultant, you’ll be part of our ReviewNet Advisory Team. You’ll use your expertise to write technical questions that we publish, or interview candidates for our clients. You’ll earn income from royalties and interviewing fees, with no required time commitment. You’ll also get to network with potential future employers who are looking for exactly your set of skills.

Benefits Requirements
To apply, either send your resume and cover letter to, or apply online as

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