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Welcome to REVIEWNET

Since 1997, ReviewNet Corporation has been helping organizations build and develop their IT departments. Peter Drucker, the legendary quality expert, said "What gets measured, gets managed". Tom Peters, the management guru said "What gets measured, gets done". At ReviewNet, we say "What gets measured, gets better".

We have hundreds of on-line IT assessments covering hundreds of technologies with thousands of questions. We have a comprehensive assessment and content authoring system. We have almost 20 years of experience helping companies measure IT skills.

We help:

  • Recruiters attract and select the right candidates for their positions
  • Hiring managers and IT staff conduct effective technical interviewers
  • IT Directors identify their hiring and training needs
  • Trainers and mentors measure the effectiveness of their efforts
  • Learners measure progress versus their goals
Whatever the state of your IT team, ReviewNet has a service to make it better.

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